Rods for heavy borers

Rods for heavy borersRods for heavy borersRods for heavy borersRods for heavy borers 

Transfer of axial force and torque from the drilling rig to the rock-cutting tool and mud pumping.

Diameter 240 mm, cross section 250 mm, length 1300; 1500 mm, steel 30ХГСА; 30ХМА, volume heat treatment.


Our rods for heavy borers completely meet the requirements of the current normative documentation and specifications (technical conditions) of KDTP

Each item irrespective of the lot scope is manufactured in strict accordance with the design documents and technological process approved by the client.


Cross section:



Heat treatment type:

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Painting and packing

All products are scrapped and painted in a special chamber. Thread parts and work surface edges are protected with special caps.

Accompanying documents

All products are marked. Quality certificates stating actual data and identity documents are issued for each production lot.


The plant performs all loading operations in order to minimize the time of drilling equipment delivery.

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Custom design

We are able of manufacturing in the shortest possible time drilling pipes, rods, any other tools with non-standard dimensions, specifications, thread connections and high-quality warranty upon your order and in co-operation with your engineers.

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