Acceptance control and blanks treatment

Materials delivered to the plant are accepted only if they have quality certificates. They obligatory undergo the acceptance control according to the approved Provision. The main geometric dimensions of each forged piece (length, section dimensions), mechanical properties of a sample from each lot are registered in the Acceptance control certificate according to the approved form.

The plant is equipped with the proper units and devices for determination of mechanical properties: kits for Rockwell and Rockwell-Brinell hardness test, tensile-testing machine, metallographic microscope and Charpy impact machine.

The blanks delivered to the production sectors are cut in bandsaw machines or circular saw machines with respect of minimizing the wastes basing on the accepted orders analysis.

Induction heating and forging blanks

  • Local heating of pipes, rods and bore bits in induction heating units ТПЧ-50, ТПЧ-160, ТПЧ-500, ТПЧ-630 is made before forging of separate sections (upset, end sections forging).
  • Local upset (expansion) of rods is made in horizontal forging machine ГКМ-250; the same of pipes and forging of bore bits— in horizontal forging machine ГКМ-800.
  • Flash heat of the forging section and high efficiency of horizontal forging machines provide forging treatment in short time at minimal electric power consumption.
  • Forging of irregularly shaped items is made in the forging hammer.

Heat treatment and cementation of blanks

Heat treatment and cementation of blanks with the length up to 6000 mm is performed in different-caliber horizontal and vertical electric furnaces (14 furnaces in total). Large-sized blanks with the length up to 3000 mm are heat treated in the press machine.

Surface hardening of disks and pipes with the diameter from 30 to 150 mm and the length up to 6000 mm is made in HFC units.

Cementation with the use of solid carburizing compound is performed in batch furnaces, heat treatment of large-sized blanks with the diameter from 20 to 100 mm and the length up to 3000 mm is made with the use of clamping press machine, loading 10 t.

Gas cementation and nitrocementation with the environmental control of the blanks with various diameters and the length up to 3000 mm is made in shaft furnaces.

Mechanical treatment

  • The plant possesses of a sufficient quantity (about 30 units) of mechanical treatment equipment including lathe, crew-cutting, milling and grinding machines as well as lathe and milling numerical control machines.
  • Straightening of blanks after welding and heat treatment is made in a 4-roller straightening machine or in hydraulic press machine.
  • Intricate profiles are high-precisely treated in the electric discharge machine. The EDM treatment allows decreasing the period for production of molds and dies by five times as compared with usual methods.

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