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Comprehensive investment project «Creation of a new production line to ensure the expansion of the range of import-substituting products » LLC " Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tools " successfully passed the preliminary selection for federal subsidies .

In accordance with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation № 605 from 04.04.2014g . «On the organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation of competitive selection of new complex investment projects in priority areas of civilian industry within the sub-program» Ensuring the implementation of the state program " Russian state program " Development of the industry and increase its competitiveness " for inclusion in the list of complex investment projects priority areas of civilian industry and consideration of applications to participate in the competitive selection of " our enterprise has developed an investment project has successfully passed the preliminary selection and admitted to the competition.

Winners of the contest selection in accordance with the state program of the Russian Federation, " The development of industry and increase its competitiveness " routine " Ensuring the implementation of the state program" will be able to compensate for the expense of the federal budget is spent on paying interest on loans . Subsidies to compensate 90 percent rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and can significantly reduce the cost of credit for the investment project .

It should be noted that the head of the region Andrey Bocharov has actively supported the above projects, stressing that the involvement of federal funds to the regional economy , including direct financing of industrial enterprises of the Volgograd region is one of the priorities of the industry and improve its competitiveness .

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Volgograd region assisted in the preparation of a competitive enterprise application.

Investment project " Creation of a new production line to ensure the expansion of the range of import-substituting products " realizes LLC " Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tool " in Kamyshin Volgograd region.

LLC " Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tool " industrial enterprise specializing in manufacturing drilling tools for the mining and exploration industries , tools for blast furnaces of metallurgical enterprises , shaping and guiding tool for tube mills , thermal and chemical- heat treatment of products made of alloyed steels and alloys of different destination, repair and restoration of the unique body parts of complex shape. The company was founded in July 1993 and in 2013 celebrated its 20th anniversary. Founders of the Company , which are designers and artists ’ work program for the production of specialized drilling tools «, adopted by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR , from 1985 to 1990 using the design obtained in the framework of the implementation of this Programme , first organized the production of drilling tools for forging and facilities Kamyshinsky foundry , and then , since 2001, its production site .

The key to successful production activities » Kamyshinsky drilling tool plant " is a collaboration with leading research organizations and universities , for example with the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys , Volgograd State Technical University .

The company has many years supplying drilling tools for blast furnaces furnaces such as large predzhpriyatiya of «Eurasia Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant », OJSC " NLMK «, JSC » Kosogorsky Metallurgical Plant «, JSC » Tulachermet" ; technological tool for tube mills mills at JSC " VSW " and OAO " Volga Pipe Plant «) , as well as the drilling tool for mining companies , such as Vysokogorsky , Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs .

LLC » Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tool " has its own design and technology department and the central laboratory , staffed testing machines and research equipment , which allows to control the quality , certified products and to conduct research on their own.

The company employs highly qualified specialists , including three candidates of sciences.

Over the past five years, production has increased by 25% and in 2013 reached 130 million rubles.

In 2013, LLC " Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tools " commercial production of rods and cones for mobile applications , conducted successful pilot testing process tool tube mills at JSC «Taganrog Metallurgical Plant » and OAO " Volga Pipe Plant «, a tool for blast furnaces at JSC „Severstal“. Commenced delivery of drilling tool in Estonia and Belarus.

In 2014 , it is planned to increase production to 170-180 million rubles.

LLC » Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tool " strategically focused on import substitution and localization of high-tech manufacturing . So , as the raw logs ( drilling steel, pipes , solid billet ) used the products of domestic metallurgical enterprises. Almost 80% of the company’s products is an import substituting ( drilling tool for drilling and machine melkoshpurovogo , technological tools for tube mills , rod and crowns for opening notches blast furnaces, drill pipes for various purposes, rod and cone for mobile devices) . For some products , such as the production of a drilling tool for drilling melkoshpurovogo machine , the company is the only domestic manufacturer.

It should be noted that the development of production by LLC " Plant Kamyshinsky drilling tool " hampered by lack of equipment to expand the range of products nomenclature .

Project «Development of a new production line for expanding the range of import-substituting products » allows to localize high-tech production of import products , namely, the size range of tufting and rolled mandrels , cones and rods of mobile facilities for an autopsy revolting workings of drill pipe diameters up to 102 mm and length up to 12 m The project will increase the production of drill rods , drill pipes , mandrels and ruler guides , as well as significantly reduce the supply of import tool on the domestic market while expanding the market in the countries of the Customs Union , the CIS markets in Africa, South America and Asia.

The main objective of the project — the creation of competitive price and quality products meeting the needs of geological organizations , mining companies , mines, metallurgy enterprises .

Construction of a new production line are proposed by carrying out major renovation and equipping of unencumbered free-span of the existing production facilities of approximately 6,000 m2.

The total cost of the comprehensive investment project is 151 000 thousand rubles. Funding for the project is supposed to own funds in the amount of 45.3 million rubles ( 30 % of project cost ) and external financing ( bank loans ) in the amount of 105.7 million rubles ( 70%).

Commissioning of the new production is planned in three phases and fully reach full capacity in April 2016.

Implementation of a comprehensive investment project will not only locate the high-tech production of import products, but will also have a social and fiscal effect. As a result, the project will create up to 165 high-end jobs.

Low efficiency at the designed capacity will be about 32.4 million rubles , including the consolidated budget of the Volgograd region on the order of 11.3 million rubles.

It should be noted that the use of state support in the form of subsidies for reimbursement for the payment of interest for the company is more than actual mechanism , as it allows to significantly reduce the cost of credit for the investment project .


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