Energy-saving policy

LLC “Kamyshin drilling tool plant” is an industrial enterprise manufacturing drilling tool for mining and metallurgical plants as well as geological survey institutions. We also perform cementation of high-alloyed steel and different purpose alloy items, repair and recovery of unique irregularly shaped structural parts.

Minimization of power consumption in the production process and non-production environment followed by the decrease in polluting emissions and enhancement of our products quality are our goals in the field of energy-saving.

We are to solve the following problems to achieve the above-mentioned goals:

  • Implementation of energy-saving technology including energy-saving burners and modern heat-insulating materials followed by the upgrading of heat-treating furnaces;
  • Optimal coordination of technological limits allowing minimizing the equipment down time and auxiliary operations duration due to reasonable logistics;
  • Purchasing of energy-saving power equipment (pumps, compressors, boiler plants, heating units, lighting equipment) including due to refusal of excessive energy production;
  • Decrease in energy carriers’ losses due to implementation of modern heat-insulating materials and equipping pipelines and units with metering devices.

The goals achievement and problems solution will allow:

  • Decreasing in production losses and products prime cost;
  • Upgrading the production process;
  • Enhancing the products quality;
  • Decreasing in ecological stress for the employees and environment including due to minimization of emissions, water consumption and sewage water volume, purposive sale of wastes to the specialized organizations.

I undertake to make our employees aware of this policy and to motivate its implementation.


Evgeny V. Kuzmin

April 26, 2013


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