Custom work


  • Hot forgings for ГКМ-250 (horizontal forging machine) and ГКМ-800 (horizontal forging machine)

Mechanical treatment:

  • Grinding of rods up to 6000 mm in centerless grinding machines
  • Mechanical treatment of forged parts, machines and tools.

Heat treatment:

  • Heat treatment of large-sized items up to 6000 mm in shaft furnaces with water-air hardening
  • Heat treatment of large-sized items of small diameter 19-50 mm and length up to 3000 mm in hardening machines
  • Heat treatment of large-sized items with high-frequency currents (HFC).


  • Cementation in solid carburizing compound
  • Cementation and nitrocementation in gas environment.

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Custom design

We are able of manufacturing in the shortest possible time drilling pipes, rods, any other tools with non-standard dimensions, specifications, thread connections and high-quality warranty upon your order and in co-operation with your engineers.

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